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Crash or Grow: Building Your Business Value, Dec '11

Terence J. Shepherd, CM&AA, CPA, MST and Principal of ROCG Shepherd & Goldstein Consulting Group will present a session on Crash or Grow: Building Your Business Value.

This economy has brought about both new challenges and a totally different operating environment, the likes of which, most have never experienced. With these challenges come new opportunities. Business owners hopefully understand that a ‘business as usual' mentality can not sustain their former strategy or daily business operations.

Sustainability is the key word here. Tinkering with small changes by just reducing prices and/or cutting costs here and there that is not part of an overall strategy. Just trying to survive to next week with the hope that things will get a little better, is a sure fire way to get caught in a death hold vice grip.

Learn the necessary steps to create and sustain a strategy that adds value to your most precious asset. December 8th from 8:45-12:00 at the Clark University Small Business Development Center. To register visit


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