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Current Economy, Investment Markets and Planning for Business Exit/Transition, Oct 16th

Our consulting arm of our business is ROCG is an international firm specializing in strategy, finance and operations for privately owned family businesses. We took 2 years to come up with a proprietary process for business transition broken down into 3 stages: planning, execution and transaction management.

On October 16th, Terry Shepherd will address the key actions you need to take to maximize the value of your business - whether you plan to sell or transition to management/family over time. Maximizing the opportunity when you exit/transition the business and ensuring your company remains sustainable through the transition takes planning.

Too many business owners don't put much though into their eventual transition out of their company, and run into all kinds of unanticipated landmines. In this seminar you'll learn about:

* Planning on what life after work will be like for you, what will occupy your time?

* Evaluating your resources - do you have what you need to walk out the front door in an orderly, planned fashion, or will you end up going out feet first?

* Current economic trends, how they are affecting the investment markets and how you might take advantage of those trends.

* Coordinating your business exit planning to include pre and post tax wealth management.

Most business owners have a lot to learn about managing the transition from ownership to a sale, or to retirement successfully. The skills you've used to build your business are completely different than the ones you'll need to manage a successful exit and manage your wealth. In this seminar you'll learn about the steps you can take to begin to formulate a long term plan, driven by your personal goals and objectives.

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