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On behalf of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center at Clark University I would like to thank you for being a speaker at the December 8 workshop, "Building Business Value." The time you gave and the information you provided are genuinely appreciated.  From the comments I received, it is obvious that the attendees will utilize your matierial to its fullest.  Thank you for a very stimulating presentation.

Penny Tiernan
MA Small Business Development Center Network


I wanted to extend my personal appreciation to Terry Shepherd for the wonderful job he did.  I'm happy so many turned out to hear his engaging PowerPoint presentation. And thank you for all your work towards this event.  It was really a success!

Jan Moore
Eastham Chamber of Commerce


Thanks for a great presentation this morning.  Lots of good meat to digest.

Irv Evans
New England Energy


 Loved it all! Felt wonderful that I just received thousands of dollars worth of advice for $30!  Thank you!

Maureen Sweet
Worcester County Memorials


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