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Upcoming Seminars

New England Business Expo, Oct '10

This dynamic Power Point presentation will demonstrate how the Four Growth Strategies taken individually or as a combination, will positively affect both a business' bottom line and the underlying value of the business.  In summarizing the features and benefits of each one of the strategies, the participant gains crucial insight into the philosophy of the entire business planning process with a focus on achieving their ‚ "end-in-mind' vision.

Take note that there is nothing here about cutting costs. It may let you control your business better and return greater profits, but it won't grow your business. A business owner may take certain courses of action to improve his business operations, but those are strategies taken to help reach a certain goal. And they all fall under one of these areas.

Each participant walks away with a bound printout of the complete Growth Strategies to Energize Your Business & Thrive in the Recovery presentation for note taking, as well as various other useful handouts as part of the New England Business Expo presentations at 10 am. For more information see


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