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R&D Tax Credits and Domestic Production Activities Deduction What You Need To Know, May 18th

Manufacturers and Distributors have unique needs. They must rely on partners that truly understand their business needs and take a proactive stance on business process improvement, profit enhancement, regulatory compliance and more.

Join S&G and Source HOV who will inform C Suite Owners, CFOs and COOs how you might benefit from savings opportunities that exist for certain trade or business activities. Don't leave money on the table! Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD) and R&D tax credits are often underutilized opportunities to SAVE BIG.

In this session you'll learn:

  • what is the minimal information you need to gather, at little to no upfront cost, to see if you qualify
  • how will DPAD coordinate with other deductions for maximum benefit
  • how utilizing R&D can help you catch up with competitors
  • how to go about qualifying expenditures
  • what are some forseeable tax savings opportunities in legislation changes
  • how DPAD and R&D can improve your bottom line so you can use that savings to boost profitability

Registration & Networking 7:30-8:00
Presentation and Q&A 8:00-9:45

Courtyard Marriott  *  3 Technology Drive in Westobor

If you are considering any of the following activities, you could benefit from the R&D Tax:

  • Innovative product development using computer aided design tools
  • Tooling and equipment fixture design and development
  • Designing manufacturing equipment
  • Integrating new materials
  • Determining tooling requirements and optimal placement of equipment
  • Evaluating and determining the most efficient flow of material
  • and many more

To Register:
Call: (508) 757-3311
Click for Online 

More about us...
SourceHOV Tax is a boutique consulting firm that helps companies reduce their tax liability through providing R&D tax credits, cost segregation, 179D tax deductions and LIFO inventory accounting.

Shepherd & Goldstein is more than a traditional CPA firm. We have industry-specific expertise and offer a range of services to make an impact on your business: business process improvement, profit enhancement, regulatory compliance and more.


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