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Upcoming Seminars

Selling a Business? Buying a Business? Special Event, Sept 21

1) Building a Small Business You Can Sell - How to Improve Business Value
TERRY SHEPHERD Principal/Founding Member, ROCG Consulting

How to build a saleable small business you can sell - even if your exit is still years away.
• Recurring/Growing Revenue • Consistent Profitability
• Proven Management Metrics • Good Historic Financial Records
• Sustainable Unique Selling Proposition/Competitive Advantage

2) Demystifying Business Valuation
CHRIS MELLEN Managing Director, Valuation Research Corporation

A successful small business sale begins with a solid grasp of business valuation. Here's what you need to know to set your company at the right price.
• Results depend on a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the business with sound assumptions
• Differences between fair market value and potential selling price
• Common Valuation Methods • Income Approach
• Market Approach • Asset-based Approach

3) The Longest Year of Your Life: Selling Your Small Business
CHRIS BOND Area Director for Murphy Business

Are you ready to transition to a new phase in life and do you want to sell your business as part of that plan? This section will help you think strategically, helping you get ready for something you've likely never done before... and will never do again! The key is preparedness and a steely will to wind your way from start to fi Knowing that most deals die three times during the pro
cess, speed bumps and surprises become manageable nuisances.
• Selling to Family Members • Selling to Employees
• Selling to a Competitor • Spotting a Qualified Buyer

Thursday, September 21st from 1-5 at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis. To register visit


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