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Upcoming Seminars

the Business Valuation Summit, Sept 30th

What is Your Business Really Worth?

A seminar for business owners, produced by the Worcester Business Journal's Business Buy/Sell Exchange.

2:45PM                   Registration Opens

3:15PM                   Welcome Remarks and Sponsor Welcomes

This seminar will give you an in depth understanding of how to estimate the value of your business.  If you are a family business, sole proprietorship or entrepreneur and wonder what your enterprise is worth and how you can increase that value - this forum is for you!

3:25 – 4:20PM: Session 1: How business valuation professionals go about determining your company's value. Our panel of local and regional valuation experts and consultants will provide an overview on how they determine fair market value for a privately held enterprise.

Moderator: Terry Shepherd, Principal, ROCG/Shepherd & Goldstein Consulting Group LLC

Panelists: Christopher R. George, President & CEO, George & Company; Chris M. Mellen, Managing Director, Valuation Research Corporation;  David E. Surprenant, Managing Partner, Mirick O'Connell; Bernie Gagnon, Vice President/ Team Leader, Business Lending Division, Webster Five

4:20 – 5:05PM: Session 2: Case studies of two recent transactions Two case studies – 10- 15 minutes each, 15 minutes of discussion, Q&A.

Moderator: Neil Gould, Director, WBJ Business BUY/SELL Exchange

Panelists: Mary Casey, Managing Attorney, Harbor Law Group and Evan Ricker, Vice President, Shields & Company Inc.

5:05 – 5:25PM: Wrap up: What you can do to increase the value and the attractiveness of your company to potential buyers.

5:30 – 6:15PM  Cocktail Reception (informal time with attendees, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3:00 – 6:15PM

Beechwood Hotel

363 Plantation St., Worcester

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