Building Your Business Value

2018-05-10 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Grace Conference Room, Higgins Center of Clark University
Address: 950 Main Street Worcester, MA 01610

Most business owners are not operating their businesses in a way that actually builds its value. Typically, business owners are fulfilling a lifetime passion and operating as a “life-style” business providing a stable weekly income. Too often, owners are overly focused on day-to-day operations.

Please join Terry Shepherd, a founding partner of ROCG, who will speak about building business value and positioning your business to achieve your personal, financial, and business-related goals.

In addition to building business value, Terry will touch upon planned and unplanned exit timing. For most of us unless you have other diversified financial assets to rely upon, you will need to ensure your business is always in a “sale-able” condition, and know if you will achieve enough financial resources from the transaction to fund you and your family’s post-sale lifestyle need and wants.

•Do you know what your business is worth?

•Have you started to build a Business Transition (BT) Plan?

•Do you know when you would like to exit from your business?

•Do you know which exit option is most likely to meet your personal, financial, and business-related goals and objectives?

The most critical question you have to answer NOW is “how much do you NEED from the sale of your business to fund your future lifestyle?” It’s never about what you want from the sale or what you think your business is worth. You need to know if you have a value gap, and if you do, how are you going to close it. This is the starting point upon which to build your exit plan and then quickly begin implementing it.

Remember, you typically have one shot at success…it has to be a good one!

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  • 2018-10-25 3:00 PM - 2018-10-25 6:30 PM

    Building business value and executing a successful transition when the time is right for you.

    Join us for this special seminar for family businesses and owners of privately held enterprises.

    If you’re a business owner looking to learn more about your options, this is a great session to get your head around the most important issues when thinking about a future transaction. No one will own their business forever, and developing a plan to maximize the value of what is likely your greatest asset - your business - is a critical element in achieving the future that you want for yourself, your family and the company.

    In this session you’ll learn about the critical steps you can begin to take today to make any future transition a success.

    • What are the key steps in building the value of your business?
    • What are the options for an owner seeking to transition out of the business?

    Discussion of the pros and cons of an internal sale to management, a transition to a family member(s), a sale to an outside company or venture capital funded group, or staying in the business while delegating more duties to management.

    • What is the market for transactions like today, what kinds of deals are happening?
    • Key takeaways - a look at a couple case studies of recent sales.
    • How are deals getting financed? What do you need to know from the seller and buyer perspective?

    FORMAT: Short presentations from 4-5 experts including Terry Shepherd followed by a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A.