The Grand Bargain in Massachusetts – New Family and Medical Leave Program

Join S&G as we sponsor the seminar The Grand Bargain in Massachusetts – New Family and Medical Leave Program (PFML) on Thursday, June 6th from 8-10 AM at the Double Tree Hotel at 5400 Computer Drive in Westborough hosted by our trusted partner Rogers & Gray Insurance.

Employers all over the commonwealth are scrambling to understand the new law components and its application to their individual scenario. In this FREE seminar,  attendees will take away:

  • What steps do owners need to take to ensure compliance
  • Actions that business owners need to take by June 30th this year
  • Key dates related to the “Grand Bargain” (relative to minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, and the sales tax holiday)
  • When employees are eligible for family/medical leave
  • How much time is allowed and in what increments
  • How might this interact with existing policies or benefit offerings

Most significantly, though the first seven calendar days of leave are not paid, employees may elect to utilize previously accrued sick, vacation, or other PTO for that period which differs from the federal law. PFML currently prohibits employers from requiring their employees to use such time simultaneously.  This means that leave available under the Massachusetts law will be in addition to time-off benefits you may offer which an employee has already accumulated.

We hope to see you at the seminar so that your questions may be addressed.